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4U Real estate

Our real estate agency has the particularity of opening the French part (Saint Martin), as well as the Dutch part (Sint Maarten) of our “Friendly Island” for your real estate project. 

The passion, rigor and tenacity we demonstrate combined with our know-how and skills will allow us to accompany you and advise you for the realization of your real estate projects.

Do you want to buy, sell or estimate your property? Or a vacation rental to spend an unforgettable stay in the Caribbean?

Are you looking for a studio, an apartment, a house, a villa, a plot of land or a business? 

Do not hesitate, contact your agency ! 


Development Projects

By 4U Real Estate

Our agency is also specialized in the field of real estate development, its mission is to allow investors to make a secure and profitable investment.

We bring you our expertise by choosing to market only real estate development projects carried out by developers with a certain experience and a significant capital, we accompany you in all the steps, and we bring you our expertise throughout the real estate development

The Hills Residence

transaction immobilière location saisonnière

Buy Real Estate

by 4U Real Estate

Our agency in the context of the real estate transaction, has for primary mission to bring together buyer and seller. We place ourselves between the two parties to frame the relationship and we are “the guarantor of everyone’s interests”.

We will facilitate the transaction by bringing you our legal expertise and knowledge of the real estate market, which will rightly allow us to accompany and advise you throughout this complex process.

Vacation Rental

by 4U Real Estate

Choosing to rent your house in vacation rental has many advantages. This type of rental allows the lessor to obtain up to 3 times the income of a conventional rental contract.

If a landlord is far from being well or does not have time to manage his vacation rental, he can call on 4U Real Estate. We will take care of the various tasks related to the rental.

Accustomed to short-term rental management, 4U Real Estate takes care of the valuation and visibility of your property.

Our agency takes care of the publication of ads, the posting of professional quality photos online as well as cleaning in the accommodation and welcoming holidaymakers.

Rental Management

by 4U Real Estate

4U REAL ESTATE offering rental management services understand that renting out a property can be an overwhelming and daunting task. From finding the right tenant, to scheduling regular property inspections, it’s important to have an experienced and reliable team on your side. At 4U REAL ESTATE, we provide rental management services designed to make the rental process a breeze. Our team of professionals will help you find the right tenant and manage all aspects of your property, from maintenance to accounting. Let us help you maximize your investment and make renting out your property effortless!

Developments and Constructions

By 4U Real Estate