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The apartments offered by our real estate agency
Discover a selection of high standing apartments made by our real estate agency 4U Real Estate.

Dolce Beach Residence

By 4U Real Estate

We are thrilled to present Dolce Beach Residence, the latest addition to the real estate landscape in Simpson Bay, Sint Maarten. Developed by 4U-RealEstate, this exquisite beachfront property offers a luxurious living experience in the heart of a vibrant coastal community.

Nestled along the picturesque shoreline, Dolce Beach Residence boasts a collection of upscale apartments designed to embody the epitome of beachfront living. Each apartment is meticulously crafted to offer a seamless blend of modern elegance and tropical charm, providing residents with unparalleled comfort and style.

Residents of Dolce Beach Residence will have the privilege of waking up to breathtaking ocean views and the soothing sounds of the waves. The property’s prime location provides convenient access to a myriad of amenities, including top-rated restaurants, boutique shops, and recreational activities, ensuring a lifestyle of convenience and leisure.

With meticulous attention to detail, 4U-RealEstate has curated an exceptional living environment where every aspect of coastal living is celebrated. From the thoughtfully designed interiors to the captivating outdoor spaces, Dolce Beach Residence encapsulates the essence of luxury beachfront living.

For more information and inquiries about Dolce Beach Residence, please visit our website or contact us directly.

Aqua Resort...

By 4U Real Estate

Located in the Cupecoy sector in Sint Maarten / Saint Martin, Aqua Resort is the most daring project in the Caribbean housing stock.

A Luxurious Residence located on the edge of the lagoon with all the amenities you will have access to an Olympic swimming pool, a padel tennis court, a spa, 24/24 security and a hotel management service.

You will also be able to reserve a berth for your boat in the Aqua Resort marina.

4U Real Estate offers you this modern and luxurious project for a rental investment or as a main residence.

Fourteen Towers...

By 4U Real Estate

Located in the Cupecoy sector in Sint Maarten / Saint Martin, the Fourteen Towers residence will offer you a breathtaking view of the most beautiful beach on the island: Mullet Bay. You will be close to many places to eat and have fun. Thanks to its inspiring style and its dream location, the Fourteen Towers is the largest real estate project ever carried out in all of the Netherlands Antilles.

Composed of two identical towers, you will have access to an Olympic swimming pool and its lounge bar, a gym and a restaurant area.

4U Real Estate offers you this modern and luxurious project for a rental investment or as a main residence.

Note that it is quite possible for you to visit the show apartment of the residence.

The Hills Residence...

By 4U Real Estate

The Hills Residence is a construction and real estate development program in Sint Maarten / Saint Martin. Located on Simpson Bay, a lagoon bordered by white sand beaches, this project offers modern and luxurious architecture to this very popular area.

Opt for a soothing, comfortable and very secure living environment.

The Hills Residence is divided into two parts:

● Commercial part: if you are looking for commercial premises, now is the time to seize the opportunity!

● Residential part: 152 luxurious accommodations spread over 4 buildings, you will find a swimming pool and a relaxation area on each rooftop.

Come and discover the interior design of the apartments of the residence. Based on principles of ergonomics, durability and functionality, the spaces are modern, luxurious and very bright.

How is the purchase of an apartment in Sint-Maarten and Saint-Martin going?

After clearly defining your needs, you will be ready to become an owner. The purchase of an apartment in Sint-Maarten and Saint Martin with our real estate agency will be done in 5 steps:

Step 1

Find out about the state of the real estate market in Sint-Maarten and Saint Martin: at 4U Real Estate, we will be able to give you information on the prices charged, on the specificities of the real estate stock and on the evolution of the market. .

Step 2

Calculate in advance the amount you will be able to dispose of: before proceeding to search for your apartment in Sint Maarten / Saint Martin, you will need to calculate your acquisition budget.

Step 3

The research phase: the experts of our real estate agency search for the best accommodation for you based on your selection criteria.

Step 4

Carry out property visits: we will offer you several apartments in correlation with the characteristics previously defined. The goal is to show you as many accommodations as possible that meet your expectations to help you make the best possible choice.

Step 5

Make an offer and conclude the transaction: you have found the apartment of your dreams and you are about to become the proud owner of your apartment in Sint Maarten / Saint Martin? Congratulation ! Our real estate agency accompanies you in the management of the last administrative procedures.

As you will have understood, to purchase an apartment in Sint Maarten / Saint Martin, it will be essential to follow these steps so as not to miss an opportunity. Fortunately, the 4U Real Estate experts will be there by your side at every stage of your search so that you don’t miss out on the property of your dreams!

How to sell your apartment in Sint-Maarten / Saint-Martin?

In order to quickly sell your apartment in Sint-Maarten / Saint-Martin, you will need to estimate it at the right price and highlight its assets in order to create a crush with your potential buyers.

First, you will need to carry out the technical diagnostics of your home. By going through our real estate agency in Sint Maarten / Saint Martin, you will be sure that your apartment will benefit from optimal visibility.

Indeed, at 4U Real Estate, we are specialists in the field. As a result, we have the best tips for showcasing your property and facilitating the sale of your apartment! From taking photos to writing an optimized ad and posting it online, the 4U Real Estate team will combine all its know-how to promise you a successful sale.

In addition, know that at 4U Real Estate, we estimate your apartment free of charge and without obligation.

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Real estate specialist, your agency accompanies you to purchase or sell your apartment in Sint Maarten / Saint Martin. To give you the best advice and find the best apartment for your installation, our experts will listen to you and be very responsive.

Whether you are a buyer or a seller, we make it a point of honor to respect the interests of both parties. Very concerned about your satisfaction, we are informed of the latest news in real estate transactions in order to have the best legal skills, and a perfect knowledge of the real estate market in Sint Maarten / Saint Martin.

Whatever your needs and your criteria for the purchase or sale of your apartment in Sint Maarten / Saint Martin, we accompany you throughout the process.

A 4U Real Estate agent will be entirely dedicated to you so that you can perfectly define your project. He will take all the necessary steps for you to make your request a reality. Call on his expertise!

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