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AQUA RESORT Sint Maarten :
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4U Real Estate is glad to propose AQUA RESORT, the new luxury development for Sale in Sint Maarten! Located on the waterfront in Cupecoy, Sint Maarten, AQUA RESORT is a unique real estate development project on the island of Sint Maarten & Saint Martin in the Caribbean. If you are looking for a pre-construction unit in the Caribbean, this exceptional real estate project will delight each of your criteria. Benefiting from an ideal geographical location, AQUA RESORT will owe its fame to a fabulous view, its activities and amenities, not to mention the perfect luxury of its studios, condos, apartments & penthouses, boat berths, commercial units available today at the sale.

A high-end tourist complex to invest or live on the “Friendly Island”.

AQUA RESORT: An Exceptional Real Estate Development Project On The Island Of Sint Maarten & Saint Martin.


Defined as the most ambitious of all real estate luxury development projects on the island of Sint Maarten & Saint Martin, AQUA RESORT in Cupecoy offers several types of pre-construction units: studios, condos, apartments, penthouses, boats, commercial units… These units are now available for sale off plan in AQUA RESORT in Cupecoy, Sint Maarten by 4U Real Estate Agency. The real estate project has been under construction since January 2023, you have the choice between several pre-construction units which will be spread over 15 floors and appropriate to your desires!

The luxury development AQUA RESORT is a complex with a perfect location, close to many amenities. The marina will accommodate the boats of residents and visitors of AQUA RESORT. Since it is located in a lively and welcoming area, the AQUA RESORT will certainly meet all of your expectations. More than modern and fully equipped, the pre-construction units of AQUA RESORT will have countless advantages.

A prime location in the Caribbean!

The luxury development AQUA RESORT is located in Sint Maarten, in the Cupecoy sector, and more precisely at the water’s edge! Our real estate development project represents an undeniable investment opportunity for local and international investors. Nearby you will find many essential shops, such as a supermarket, a pharmacy, the international airport, but also many entertainment, such as restaurants, shops, nightclubs, a dog park, a magnificent playground Golf, Mullet Bay beach, Cupecoy beach. A strategic location that will be a major asset for residents of AQUA RESORT looking for a quality of life in the Caribbean!

For several years now, the Cupecoy sector has been in full development and will become a privileged place to live, with both an improvement of the already existing infrastructures but also the construction of new real estate development projects, such as Fourteen At Mullet Bay. , Jordan Village and now AQUA RESORT. Cupecoy is quite simply becoming one of the most popular areas of the Caribbean thanks to its potential and its new infrastructures!

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& 1 Bedroom Condo

Penthouses & Duplex

3 bedrooms & 4 Bedrooms
Luxury Villas

A marina at the height of Sint Maarten!


The construction of the AQUA RESORT Marina Cupecoy aims to encourage the reception of the most beautiful boats in the Caribbean on the islands of Sint Maarten & Saint Martin.

In the continuity of the actions to position itself as the capital of Yachting in the Caribbean, AQUA RESORT is a key element in the economic and tourist development of Sint Maarten & Saint Martin in this sector. The mission of AQUA RESORT is to be able to offer an environment worthy of the most beautiful boats and its occupants, with restaurants, Olympic swimming pool and bar, in a resort offering many amenities and close to essential shops and the Golf. of Sint Maarten, which will contribute to the success of this inspiring and sustainable luxury real estate development project.

If you wish to become the proud owner of a boat berth in the marina of the luxury developemnt AQUA RESORT on the island of Sint Maarten and Saint Martin, you must first be the owner of a studio, condo, apartment or penthouse in the resort. For more information, contact 4U Real Sstate Agency.

Amenities, and more amenities in AQUA RESORT!

Investing in luxury development AQUA RESORT in Cupecoy with 4U Real estate does not only represent the purchase of a pre-construction unit, but in a unique living environment on the island of Sint Maarten & Saint Martin. The Aqua Resort complex has several amenities for young and old.

For the sports enthusiasts, you will have the chance to have access to a gym, a paddle tennis court, an Olympic swimming pool and various water activities. Take a break at the pool bar to enjoy a moment of refreshment, then have lunch in a beautiful restaurant by the water. 24 hours a day, every day of the week, a concierge service and a security service will be at your disposal.

As far as parking is concerned, a car park and a pontoon for boats will be accessible. You will have the chance to enjoy a relaxation area to relax.

Give yourself a break by fully savoring the massages in the resort’s jacuzzis.

AQUA RESORT has a generator, which will allow you, in the event of a power cut, to continue to fully live the unique experience of the resort!


An investment opportunity in Sint Maarten!

AQUA RESORT presents another investment opportunity for those looking to put their money in an asset class independent of the stock market. Investing in real estate development is a tangible asset that you will always need.

Purchasing a pre-construction unit in AQUA RESORT will provide you with many opportunities for return on investment.

First, you have the option of vacation rental, due to the tourist attraction of the island of Sint Maarten & Saint Martin. Recognized for being a first choice destination in the Caribbean, bringing together many activities and warm atmosphere with heavenly places. By opting to purchase a residential unit, you are making a smart investment combining the financial part and the pleasure part. For example, you can enjoy the accommodation and rent when you want, which allows you to have a return on investment that is not only financial.

Secondly, rental per year is also possible for investors, which will provide a regular monthly income for residential and commercial units.

Third, buying real estate and renting it out is not the only option, you can also buy-sell! When you buy a pre-construction unit in the luxury development AQUA RESORT in Cupecoy, Sint Maarten, because of the many advantages mentioned above, in particular the attractiveness of the resort, you will be able to make a capital gain because the value of the property will not cease. to disassemble. Knowing that in Sint Maarten, the capital gain is not taxed! *If the sale must take place before the transfer of ownership to the notary, you will need to obtain the written agreement of 4U REAL ESTATE to resell your unit before the end of the construction of AQUA RESORT.*

immobilier de luxe Aqua Resort sint maarten development 4u real estate cupecoy

How is the purchase of a pre-construction unit in AQUA RESORT?


Once your desires are defined, you will have to take the next step to become the proud owner of a luxurious pre-construction unit in Sint Maarten in AQUA RESORT.

You will need to contact 4U REAL ESTATE, who can help you select the pre-construction unit that suits your needs, thanks to our know-how and our knowledge of the real estate market but especially of the pre-construction market. in Sint Maarten, we are able to find you the perfect pre-construction unit, meeting each of your criteria in AQUA RESORT.

As you will have understood, we are doing everything we can to ensure that you can acquire the pre-construction unit of your dreams in AQUA RESORT. Experts in the field of real estate, we will be by your side throughout the process.

We make it a point of honor to provide support and advice so that you don’t miss out on any opportunity!

Quality from design to completion!

The construction teams are made up of the best architects, the best engineers, the best project managers, the best technical controllers, the best companies… Inspections on the construction site will be carried out at all stages, which will allow us to to avoid faults and defects in construction. Prevention is better than cure ! With the aim of ensuring that the construction of AQUA RESORT will take place in the greatest respect of quality standards but also of your requirements. Once the construction of AQUA RESORT is complete, we will carry out an inspection with you and the project manager to ensure the quality of the finishes, if there are any defects, we will take care of the corrective work. In order to meet the requirements of our customers, because for 4U REAL ESTATE, the satisfaction of our customers is essential!


Other Matters...

All the units in pre-construction are spread over 15 floors. You will find among them, studios, apartments, condos, penthouses, commercial units (restaurant, spa, gym …), and also boat places available for sale. You will inevitably find a pre-construction unit corresponding to your AQUA RESORT needs.

When buying a property in Sint Maarten, you will need to make the transfer of the property to a notary. The property transfer fee represents between 5-6% of the purchase price of the property and will be borne by the buyer.

The residential units of AQUA RESORT will be delivered with a fitted and equipped kitchen, a dryer, washing machine, a fitted and equipped bathroom, and beautiful finishes. All you have to do is select your furniture and your unit will be totally ready!

The ceiling height of studios, apartments and condos will be 2.7 meters (8.9 feet). That of the penthouses will be higher.

The condominium fees of the AQUA RESORT residence will be divided between the marina and the commercial and residential part. The maintenance of the marina will be the responsibility of the boat place owners, the rest will be borne by the owners of the commercial and residential units, which will represent for example 225.00 USD per month for a studio and about 335.00 USD per month for an apartment/condo with one bedroom (so 5.00 USD per square meter).

As a buyer of a unit in pre-construction in the AQUA RESORT in Sint Maarten, it is important to know that you will pay for your unit according to the progress of the work and according to a schedule defined at the time of booking. If you would like more information, we recommend that you contact us!

All real estate development projects that we market are designed in accordance with cyclonic and seismic standards. To maximize the resilience and safety of residents and visitors to AQUA RESORT.

You have the possibility to delegate the rental management of your property to 4U REAL ESTATE.

As a foreigner, you have the right to buy a property in Sint Maarten. And you have the opportunity to become a permanent resident. So why not take the plunge with the AQUA RESORT development project in Sint Maarten?

In AQUA RESORT, we are delighted to offer you for sale off-plan: studios, apartments, condos, penthouses, commercial units and boathouses. For more information on the units available for sale, do not hesitate to contact us!

The construction of AQUA RESORT is underway, the earthworks have already taken place! (January 2023). Delivery is scheduled for Q4 2026.

4U Real Estate Agency is the official representative of the sale of the AQUA RESORT project in Cupecoy, Sint Maarten. We therefore advise you to contact us to book a pre-construction unit in AQUA RESORT in order to benefit from the latest information and the guarantee of personalized support and advice from a professional in the field of pre-construction.

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