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For many years now, the island of Sint Maarten & Saint Martin has continued to develop its infrastructure with its new real estate development projects and new constructions that create magic in a small corner of the Caribbean not far from Saint Barthélémy and Anguilla.

We recognize today that a real change is taking place with these real estate developments, these real estate projects which allow Sint Maarten & Saint Martin to be more productive, to enjoy a quality of life and to experience economic progress in order to to stimulate growth, create jobs and increase productivity, quality and efficiency. People who live or visit our island could testify, these real estate developments create residential properties and commercial properties where residents, tourists, businesses thrive in peace. We can even say that these real estate developments add value to the public and private environment of Sint Maarten & Saint Martin by bringing bold new constructions and different from anything that has been done before.

The Hills Residence

Presentation of the agency

Real estate Development by 4U Real Estate Agency

4U Real Estate is a specialist in the sale and marketing of real estate developments in Sint Maarten & Saint Martin, we represent the most beautiful and remarkable real estate development projects in the Caribbean.
At 4U Real Estate, we don’t just show you construction projects! We provide our clients with real expertise in the pre-construction and real estate development sector. We also take into account your objectives and your concerns, we are simply listening to you. But above all, before presenting the development project to you, we ensure its feasibility in several stages.

Market research

By 4U Real Estate

The first thing we do is to study the real estate market in the area to be developed. We will analyze the market trend of the area, the population, the sector and its surroundings… This information will help us to ensure that the project is feasible and in the best way, from an economic point of view.

Obtaining permits:

It is more than essential that before marketing a real estate development project to check that the authorizations that have been obtained for the construction of this real estate development. This is why, before marketing the project, we ask the property developer to provide us with the building permit and all other types of authorization to secure your investment.

The financing method:

When we propose an investment in a real estate development project in Sint Maarten & Saint Martin. We make sure that the real estate developer "has the means to achieve it", which is why we only market real estate projects proposed by real estate developers with certain experience and substantial capital.


We will analyze from a technical point of view all the information provided by the property developer. We ensure that all the specificities of Sint Maarten and Saint Martin have been taken into account, in particular seismic and cyclonic constraints. We will verify and advise the real estate developer to help him optimize the interior spaces of each unit available in pre-construction. As a buyer, you can if you invest early enough in the project, ask for slight changes in layout.

Our real estate development project portfolio.

By 4U Real Estate

New developments under construction are always available for sale, we have all the information here for you! Browse our listings of development and construction projects, pre-construction condos in Sint Maarten or beachfront development. Still available for sale in pre-construction.
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Are we the best to support you?

We cannot guarantee that we will be the best to support you, because each client is unique and requires different support. For this, we will need to know more about you, your investment objective, your personality… What we can guarantee is that we will put all our energy, all our skills and our knowledge at your service to provide you with the support you need. We always give 100% for our clients and their interests!

Support at every step

Each real estate project has a unique perspective and vision that is intended to satisfy the most demanding clients. We bring together a team of real estate agents, designers and architects, engineers to accompany you throughout your pre-construction purchase in a real estate development project in Sint Maarten & Saint Martin. Our team specializing in real estate development can accompany you at every stage of the process of buying and building your studio, apartment, condo, penthouse, villa or simply a pre-construction property.