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Why would you buy a condo in St Maarten & St Martin?

If you are looking to live or invest under the Caribbean sun on an island paradise, vibrant with low taxes, extraordinary prospects and high quality standards, you will surely find the condo you are looking for in Sint Maarten & Saint Martin. Our island is nicknamed the “Friendly island” by its visitors, investors and residents, because it is very welcoming as for foreigners who wish to buy a property or invest in St Maarten & St Martin but not only. To give an example: our island gives the possibility to foreigners to own land, houses by the sea, apartments, condos in full ownership. This kind of flexibility is rare in the Caribbean. You can even secure long term residency by investing in the St Maarten & St Martin real estate market for you and your family.

Luxury condos in St Maarten & St Martin.

The 4U Real Estate Agency was created to accompany you and help you find the right luxury condo in St Maarten & St Martin. Every condominium is important to us, whether it’s the newest luxury condo in St Maarten & Saint Martin or a real estate development project, or a beachfront condo. We are proud to present to you all St Maarten & St Martin condos available for sale.

We are in contact with many real estate developers who are launching many projects all over our island. To search for a real estate project, simply click on the link: real estate development.

Sales of luxury condos in St Maarten & St Martin continue to grow with a high percentage of buyers coming from abroad and local and international investors.

New construction condos in St Maarten & St Martin.

Condo real estate projects in St Maarten & St Martin are on the rise in the Dutch part as in the French part of our “Friendly Island”. Often referred to as pre-construction condos, these real estate development projects sell out so quickly that they are usually sold in less than 2 years. 4U Real Estate is aware of the latest trends in the new construction market in St Maarten & St Martin, do not hesitate to contact us for the opinion of one of our real estate experts before making your final decision.

St Maarten & St Martin condos for sale.

Whether you are a first time buyer or an experienced real estate investor, having 4U Real Estate’s team of experienced real estate agents to guide you will simplify the property acquisition process, save you time, money and help to ensure your success.

We have studios, apartments, 2 or 3 bedroom condos, penthouses available for sale in St Maarten & Saint Martin. Whether you’re looking for a primary residence, an investment condo, a pre-construction condo, a luxury condo, a beachfront condo, we know you’ll feel the same way we do! St Maarten & St Martin is the most dynamic and international city in the entire Caribbean.

Beachfront condos in St Maarten & St Martin

In St Maarten & Saint Martin, beachfront condos are the most sought after by our customers and offer an idyllic living environment to their residents. There are condos by the sea directly with their feet in the sand or buildings near the water offering a unique spectacle to its residents.

Our team of real estate agents can help you find your Caribbean beachfront condo on the island of St Maarten & St Martin.

Condos for sale in Sint Maarten and Saint-Martin

Buying and selling condominiums in today’s St Maarten & St Martin market can be confusing as there are luxury condos, pre-construction condos, investment condos, beachfront condos and many other options available for buying a property.

– How to make an informed decision?
– Should we buy a condo in a new real estate construction project in St Maarten & St Martin or in an existing building?
– In which direction are condo prices going in St Maarten & St Martin?
– How do I know if I am getting the best price for a condo in St Maarten & St Martin?
– Are condos a good investment in the Caribbean?
– How can I evaluate a condo compared to another in St Maarten & St Martin?
– What are the most desirable areas of St Maarten & St Martin

These are all valid concerns and that is why the services of an experienced real estate agent are essential to the success of a real estate transaction in Sint Maarten / Saint Martin. Our real estate agency is proud to share its advice and experience of the local real estate market with our clients.

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