Invest in real estate in Saint Martin and Sint Maarten as a non-resident or foreign buyer.

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Invest in real estate in Saint Martin and Sint Maarten as a non-resident or foreign buyer.

The enhancement of its heritage through real estate investment in Saint Martin & Sint Maarten. Carrying out an investment project on our island is a fruitful opportunity for a non-resident or a foreigner, whether part French or part Dutch. To invest in Real Estate in Sint Maarten, the administrative procedures and obtaining a mortgage can be complicated and require the support of an experienced professional in this field. 4U Real Estate Firm is used to supporting non-resident or foreign buyers in real estate investment and will be able to direct you to professionals for the constitution of a solid file with strong arguments, for obtaining possible a mortgage or a residence. The different types of investment in Saint Martin & Sint Maarten

The investments that we offer to our non-resident or foreign investors do not require the physical presence of the investor.

The 4U Real Estate Firm offers several types of investments to its real estate investors as well as a management service for these investments.

Real estate business

Investing in business real estate will allow you to obtain good profitability with a low risk of non-payment over very long rental periods. Investment in business real estate is optimized on the condition of making a judicious choice of premises.

Traditional rental (year-round) furnished or empty

Investing in traditional (or annual) rentals, furnished or not, will allow you to build up a real estate portfolio and create additional income once the purchase has paid off.

Seasonal rental

The main advantages of investing in short-term or seasonal vacation rental are first of all to generate significant cash, to pay your expenses, possibly your vacation and to be able to come and enjoy your property in the West Indies when it is not there are no tenants.

The steps to follow in real estate investment for a non-resident or foreigner in Saint Martin & Sint Maarten.

1/ Obtain a mortgage.

To begin with, the first question that arises when investing in real estate is: will the purchase of real estate be done with or without a mortgage? If you wish to purchase the property through a bank, you will need to go through the process of obtaining a mortgage. As a non-resident or foreign buyer, you can take out a mortgage through a local bank, i.e. from Sint Maarten or Saint Martin, you also have the option of take out a mortgage in your country of residence. Regarding the request for a mortgage on our “Friendly Island”, you will have to go through a credit study to determine the maximum amount you can borrow according to your ability to repay the amount due.

2/ The search for real estate and visits to Sint Maarten & Saint Martin.

Finding your real estate investment is a key step! You will have to find a property that will correspond to a maximum of your desired criteria and that will be within your budget. The eye of a real estate professional can help you not miss the right investment and will show you the areas with high potential, their specificities… Going through a real estate professional will be essential to know the real estate market local and therefore support you in such a project.

3/ Administrative procedures for the purchase of real estate in Saint Martin & Sint Maarten.

Have you found the property that matches your criteria? It is then time to start the process of buying such a property! Above all, you will have to make an offer to purchase, you will be lucky, the 4U Real Estate Sint Maarten Firm has ready-made models and will allow you to reserve your property in less than a day.

If the offer is accepted, we will have to prepare and then sign a sales agreement or a promise of sale which will commit the parties to conclude the sale. This should not be taken lightly and should only be signed if the transaction is certain to be concluded. The signature of the authentic deed will then be done at the notary authorized for this purpose, and who will issue the title deed to the non-resident or foreign purchaser.

If the buyer decides to take out a mortgage for the purchase of this property, the time between the signing of the sales agreement and the authentic deed will be used by the banking establishments to carry out an in-depth analysis of the applicant before releasing the funds.

The advantages of a real estate investment in Sint Maarten & Saint Martin.

The real estate investment in the Caribbean will allow the investor to constitute rents to collect and to increase his purchasing power. Subsequently, he will therefore be able to increase his real estate assets by investing more and more in real estate. This will optimize the return on investment. By investing in real estate in Saint Martin & Sint Maarten, the investor will have a source of additional income in the Caribbean. By applying our “Friendly Island”, the real estate investor chooses a solid market which will allow him to save on a sure and tangible value. The real estate investment will therefore be profitable!

To conclude :

Investment in real estate in Saint Martin and Sint Maarten for a non-resident or foreign buyer can be in commercial real estate, traditional rental (or per year) or in vacation rental. Each of his investment can prove very commendable. But before embarking on such a project, it is better to be well surrounded. It will therefore be necessary to be well accompanied, and the 4U Real Estate Firm is there to advise and support you in this process which can prove to be complex for a non-resident or foreigner.

Invest in real estate in Saint Martin and Sint Maarten as a non-resident or foreign buyer
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